Elementary Physical Science for Grammar Schools

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American Book Company, 1905 - Physics

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Page 10 - MOTION. 1. The law of inertia. — A body at rest tends to remain at rest, and when put in motion by the application of any force, tends to move forever in a straight line with a uniform velocity.
Page 10 - Another was capsized by this definition for "impenetrable" found in Webster's Colkgiate Dictionary: "quality or state of being impenetrable; that property in virtue of which two portions of matter cannot at the same time occupy the same place.
Page 25 - Newton found the ratio of these two speeds to be about as one to 3600. As the moon is sixty times as far from the center of the earth as we are, this implies a force that decreases with the square of the distance.
Page 23 - ... least two other points. Try to balance cardboard horizontally on pin point placed at intersection of these lines. Try to balance at other points on cardboard. Give reasons for results. Define : Plumb line ; line of direction — equilibrium — stable, unstable, neutral equilibrium — center of mass. Results : In what state of equilibrium was cardboard when suspended by pin? When supported at intersection of lines? When supported by pin at any other point ? Exp. 1. Exp.
Page 41 - How many times is weight of the water contained in that of the kerosene? What should we call the quotient?
Page 49 - Remove finger. At what height above surface of mercury in dish does mercury remain standing in tube ? Why does not all the mercury remain there ? How would height of mercury column be affected if this experiment were performed -at top of high mountain?.

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