Observations, relative chiefly to picturesque beauty ... on several parts of England; particularly the mountains, and lakes of Cumberland and Westmoreland. Republ. [in 1 vol.].

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Page 61 - Great Nature scorns control : she will not bear One beauty foreign to the spot or soil She gives thee to adorn : 'tis thine alone To mend, not change her features.
Page 164 - It is feen from a fummer-houfe ; before which it's rocky cheeks, circling on each fide, form a little area; appearing through the window, like a picture in a frame. The water falls within a few yards of the eye, which being rather...
Page 5 - Spain, and in moft other places, cultivation, and wood have their feparate limits. Trees grow in detached woods $ and cultivation occupies vaft, unbounded common fields. But in England, the cuftom of dividing property by hedges, and of planting hedge-rows, fo univerfally prevails, that almoft wherever you have cultivation, there alfo you have wood.
Page 50 - Several of the heathen gods had brought their gifts before her, which were piled up, or hung, in elegant order, on both fides of the entrance : wild-fowl and dead game, from Sylvanus god of the woods...
Page 189 - We were delired to take particular notice of it for a reafon, which mail afterwards be mentioned. As we proceeded in our rout along the lake, the road grew wilder, and more romantic. There is not an idea more tremendous, than that of riding along the edge of a precipice, unguarded by any parapet, under impending rocks, which threaten above; while the furges of a flood, or the whirlpools of a rapid river, terrify below.
Page 149 - Amid it's gay Creation, Hues like her's ? Or can it mix them with that matchless Skill, And lose them in each other...
Page 14 - Englifli architect however began, by degrees, to ftrike out a new mode of architeo ture for himfelf j without fearching the continent for models. This is called the Gothic ; but for what reafon, it is hard to fay : for the Goths, who were never in England, had been even forgotten, when it was invented ; which was about the reign of Henry II. It is befides found no where, I believe, but in England ; except in fuch parts of France, as were in poffeffion of the Englifh.
Page 26 - It's very defects, except a few that are too glaring to be overlooked, give it an appearance of fomething beyond common; and as it is furrounded with great objects, the eye is ftruck with the whole, and takes the parts upon truft. What made Vanburgh ridiculous, was, his applying to fmall houfes, a ftyle of architecture, which could not poffibly fucceed, but in a large one.
Page 226 - This lake is fmall ; about a mile and a half in length, and half a mile in breadth ; of an oblong form; fweeping at one end, round a woody promontory.
Page 12 - In the ruins of caftles however, other countries may compare with ours. But in the remains of abbeys no country certainly can. Where popery prevails, the abbey is ftill intire and inhabited ; and of courfe lefs adapted to landfcape.

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