Sophia Bestiae: The Wisdom of the Beast

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Multi Media Publications Incorporated, 2006 - Religion - 219 pages
After almost 2000 years of indoctrination, Man now has the chance to see God is His true light. Sophia Bestiae re-examines God, His origins and His behaviour - substantiated throughout with supporting Biblical passages - and proves that far from being the hero of the Judeo-Christian religion, He is evil incarnate. The Sophia Bestiae shows that Revelations 13:18 was correct in that the Time of the Beast is now, but that The Beast is in fact Mankind - the true enemy of God. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. Indexed for ease of use and quick reference, the Sophia Bestiae is an excellent reference guide for both beginners in religious studies and advanced. For anyone who has ever noticed the contradictory behaviour of God, or has ever called their Faith into doubt, then the Sophia Bestiae will explain why. After reading the Sophia Bestiae you will be in no doubt whatsoever as to the Secret Nature of God - and why He is planning Armageddon. Chapter Headings: Who is God and from where does He come?Clues to God?s identity in the BibleGod is DarkGod the AndrogyneIs there only one God? Or is He just one god among many?Is God the Supreme Being?God in the fleshGod the alienGod?s actions in the BibleSacrificeHuman SacrificeGod lies and likes others to alsoIs God as good as He says?God the PsychopathCrimes punishable by death (according to God)Murder of Innocents ? babies, children and women ? committed by God, or in the Name of GodCrimes against humanity committed by GodWhose god is God?The Twelve tribes of IsraelEnter The Adversary - Satan, Lucifer and the SerpentLuciferSatanThe SerpentHere is Wisdom?War of the Worlds when God returnsThe Mark of the BeastMan as Self The Lore of Self Other books, such as the Black Bible, have looked at the hypocrisy and inconsistencies and evil prevalent in the Bible, but never before has a book shown the True Nature of God - a Being to be feared by Man as He is most definitely NOT our benefactor - he is our Nemesis

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About the author (2006)

Edward O┐Toole has spent most of his adult life living and working in a variety of countries including Israel and Switzerland, and has always maintained that writing, art and esoterica are his raison d┐etre. He studied poetry, culture and creative writing under the famed poet, George Szirtes, in Norwich, England, and is Phenomena Magazine's Esotericist-at-large. He also runs an online forum at He currently lives in the Carpathian mountains of Slovakia with his wife and three children.

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