Documentary History of the State of Maine, Volume 1

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Bailey and Noyes, 1869 - America - 527 pages


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Page 133 - ... to sail to all parts, countries, and seas of the east, of the west, and of the north...
Page 197 - Country men, let not the meannesse of the word fish distaste you, for it will afford as good gold as the Mines of Guiana or Potassie, with lesse hazard and charge, and more certainty and facility.
Page 136 - Some months ago his Majesty Henry VII. sent out a Venetian, who is a very good mariner, has good skill in discovering new islands, and he has returned safe, and has found two very large and fertile new islands, having likewise discovered the seven cities, 400 leagues from England, on the western passage.
Page 78 - Karlsefne and his company had erected their dwelling-houses a little above the bay ; and there they spent the winter. No snow fell, and the cattle found their food in the open field. One morning early, in the beginning of 1008, they descried a number of canoes coming from the SW past the cape.
Page 74 - I now, advise you to prepare for your departure as soon as possible, but me ye shall bring to the promontory where I thought it good to dwell ; it may be that it was a prophetic word...
Page 227 - ... old, and by the death of men, decaying of houses, and perishing of writings, as well as his own absence, it were hard to come to any assured knowledge thereof; they have commanded Ramusio to enscarch with diligence any way and knowledge possible, that may stand to the said Sebastian's profit, and obtaining of right.
Page 272 - ... short time, I hope, we shall have more certain knowledge of these things, by the aid of your Majesty, whom I pray Almighty God to prosper in lasting glory, that we may see the most important results of this our cosmography in the fulfilment of the holy words of the Gospel. " On board the ship Dolphin, in the port of Dieppe in Normandy, the 8th of July, 1524. " Your humble servitor,
Page 142 - Venetian, and permit him to sail with six ships "to the land and isles of late found by the said John in our name and by our commandment...
Page 73 - Leifsbooths, in Vineland, where they spent the winter, he and his crew employing themselves in fishing. In the spring of 1003 Thorwald sent a party in the ship's long-boat on a voyage of discovery southwards.
Page 268 - Their food, as farre as we could perceve, reparing often to their dwellings, we suppose to be by hunting and fishing, and of certaine fruits, which are a kind of roots, which the earth yeeldeth of her own accord. They have no graine, neither saw we any kind of signe of tillage, neither is the land, for the barrenesse thereof, apt to beare fruit or seed.

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