History of the New Netherlands, Province of New York, and State of New York, to the Adoption of the Federal Constitution: By William Dunlap

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author, 1840 - Dutch - 282 pages

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Page 253 - L. 78) declares, that the Circuit Courts of the United States shall have original cognizance, concurrent with the courts of the several States, of all suits of a civil nature at common law or in equity...
Page 238 - Lawrence ; comprehending all islands within twenty leagues of any part of the shores of the United States, and lying between lines to be drawn due east from the points where the aforesaid boundaries between Nova Scotia on the one part, and East Florida on the other, shall respectively touch the Bay of Fundy and the Atlantic Ocean ; excepting such islands as now are, or heretofore have been, within the limits of the said province of Nova Scotia.
Page 241 - MASSACHUSETTS — Nathaniel Gorham, Rufus King. CONNECTICUT — William Samuel Johnson, Roger Sherman. NEW YORK — Alexander Hamilton. NEW JERSEY — William Livingston, David Brearley, William Patterson, Jonathan Dayton.
Page ix - I thank God, there are no free schools nor printing, and I hope we shall not have these hundred years; for learning has brought disobedience, and heresy, and sects into the world, and printing has divulged them, and libels against the best government. God keep us from both!
Page lxiii - ... let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is, but exhorting one another ; and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.
Page 228 - That the House would consider as enemies to his majesty and the country all those who should advise, or by any means attempt, the further prosecution of offensive war on the Continent of North America.
Page 90 - The ingenious manoeuvre of Fort Washington has unhinged the goodly fabric we had been building. There never was so damned a stroke. Entre nous, a certain great man is most damnably deficient. He has thrown me into a situation where I have my choice of difficulties: if I stay in this province, I risk myself and army; and if I do not stay, the province is lost forever.
Page 234 - About ten o'clock I bade adieu to Mount Vernon, to private life, and to domestic felicity; and with a mind oppressed with more anxious and painful sensations than I have words to express, set out for New York with the best disposition to render service to my country in obedience to its call, but with less hope of answering its expectations.
Page 186 - On that I got up, and presented my firelock at the breast of the person, and told him to stand, and then I asked him which way he was going. * Gentlemen,' said he, ' I hope you belong to our party.
Page 226 - America; and that immediately upon such admission, all claims of the jurisdiction of the state of New York, within the state of Vermont, shall cease; and thenceforth the perpetual boundary line between the state of New York and the state of Vermont shall be as was then holden and possessed by Vermont, that is, the west lines of the most western towns which had been granted by New Hampshire, and the middle channel of Lake Champlain.

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